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GSMA Mobile World Congress welcome! 😉

Enjoy during these days our gastronomy with the best pieces of Seafood freshly arrived from the best fishing grounds in the whole country. The tray of Crayfish and Palamós prawns is one of the many options to choose.

And also we have prepared 3 spectacular Menus so that your business meetings of these days will be a success. These will be the only valid Menus at La Fonda del Port from February 27 to March 2, 2017. Check to see them all.

Reserves 932 21 22 10 and online in

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Apreciados amigos y clientes

Tras la remodelación del Puerto Olímpico volvemos a nuestros orígenes al Restaurante Salamanca en la Barceloneta.

C/ Pepe Rubianes, 34 tel. 932212210 / 932215033

¡Os esperamos!

Nos podéis encontrar en el Restaurante Salamanca o en nuestros restaurantes italianos Luigi