The best gastronomic experience with Mobile World Congress 2018

With immense joy and spectacular showcases with the freshest seafood from across the country, we face the weekend before the great event that is # MWC18.

There are already several editions enjoying your company and we can not wait to receive you again to feast on the best products of the sea, specially selected for the occasion, in addition to our excellent meats and the «extra» acorn-fed Iberian ham of our own making.

The Olympic Port of Barcelona will be during these days the great stage to enjoy the best gastronomy. Decades of history endorse us and are in these great events where the top hostelry reaches its climax. We are waiting for you friends!

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Apreciados amigos y clientes

Tras la remodelación del Puerto Olímpico volvemos a nuestros orígenes al Restaurante Salamanca en la Barceloneta.

C/ Pepe Rubianes, 34 tel. 932212210 / 932215033

¡Os esperamos!

Nos podéis encontrar en el Restaurante Salamanca o en nuestros restaurantes italianos Luigi