Do you want to spend an amazing night in Barcelona? Come to La Fonda del Port Olímpic!

Located in the best area of nightlife in the city, with the most exclusive clubs nearby, in La Fonda del Port in addition to our great cuisine you will always find the best atmosphere If you want to say goodbye to Barcelona in a big way, do not forget to visit us. The best nights always start here!

With a long tradition in Barcelona for the quality of our seafood products and located in the unbeatable seafaring environment of Barcelona, we look forward to the attendees of the MWC Barcelona. We can say that in our kitchens you can find select genre of the whole city, which these days comes from all parts of our country to enjoy authentic delicacies. Choose yourself the pieces that you want in our fish and seafood grills that after several decades are already very popular all over the world for their great quality and splendid flavor

Accompany your seafood with our magnificent wines, perfect to pair with the best delights of the sea

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Apreciados amigos y clientes

Tras la remodelación del Puerto Olímpico volvemos a nuestros orígenes al Restaurante Salamanca en la Barceloneta.

C/ Pepe Rubianes, 34 tel. 932212210 / 932215033

¡Os esperamos!

Nos podéis encontrar en el Restaurante Salamanca o en nuestros restaurantes italianos Luigi